The Guitar Scales Poster

A high quality, vivid and informative series of posters depicting popular guitar scales. The posters are available in 20" x 30" or 24" x 36" sizes depending on your location. There are several different variations depending on the nature of the information and aesthetics desired including some that show 72 scales.


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Having played guitar for a few decades now (in addition to photography), I've found that the more a scale depiction resembles a real guitar the more intuitive reading it becomes. This is largely because the similarity between landmarks including subtleties like string thickness and different fret spacings along the neck make viewing a real fretboard and a scale chart more seamless. Ultimately, simply by looking at a series of notes on a scale chart, you instinctively know where on the fretboard those notes are to be found. I also find it odd that most scale posters do not indicate the notes being played and instead chose to represent the positions with black fingering dots only. Our posters go one step further in this regard by actually telling you the note you're playing.

The following is a typical scale and shows the key of B flat natural minor. The example below is a 'combo' scale in which harmonic and blues accidental notes are shown as faded. Posters can be ordered with or without combo scales (in addition to other 'pure' scales).



A combo scale is one that superimposes similar scales on the same fretboard. For example a blues minor, natural minor and harmonic minor scale may be superimposed. These combo scales can be useful in seeing how certain notes are positioned relative to others (eg. blues note relative to a harmonic note). The also act as a sort of 'one stop shopping' visualization of the available scale variations for a given key. However, some may find these combo scales visually busy and, as such, posters without these combo scales are also available. Basically if a poster has 'Combo' in its title, it will include these kinds of scales. The combo scale is usually the right-most column on the poster.


Our posters can be customized in a number of areas. Want to change the number of frets, keys, scales, background image, title and / or coloring, please let us know. By taking advantage of the customization options, the poster can be transformed into the perfect gift. For example, each poster has a title that by default summarizes what's being portrayed. The title area is at the bottom as shown...


Usually, the title looks something like this...


...which can be customized to (for example)...


Other Features

  • Posters for left and right handed players available.
  • Printed on high quality photographic paper
  • Choose from several different color schemes and backgrounds.

A Message to Guitar Instructors / Learning Institutions

As an instructor / academic institution, you may wish to provide our posters to your students as either part of their course or as an incentive to enroll. To this effect (and generally), we would be happy to discuss a custom quote for orders of quantity. The prices on this site are designed for individual orders and are printed on very high quality paper. This level of quality may not be necessary or desired for your purposes. As such, we can arrange for printing on more general poster quality paper. Posters of this type will naturally cost less.

As regards to the nature of the information on each poster, as indicated elsewhere, this can be customized. For example, you may wish to have students concentrate on only a few popular scales to begin with. The presence of extra scales may be unnecessary or even possibly intimidating to the fledgling student. As a result we would be happy to work with you to tune the information to suit your needs. If your custom requests can be accommodated by our software, then such requests will incur no extra cost. Please drop us a line if you would like to discuss the above further.